Help Desk Simplified

Installed On-Premise or Hosted in the Cloud

Help Desk Premier is easy-to-use IT support software that can be installed on your network in minutes (we’ll even do it for you) or it can be hosted on our servers. ?No matter what type of industry you cater to, your organization relies on powerful tools to provide the ultimate customer service experience. BrightBox Solutions provides a flexible, scalable solution that’s easy to use to bring you a versatile means of performing at peak level. ?Our Professional Edition is free for up to two users, but if your needs are more robust, our Enterprise Edition offers the capabilities you need without breaking the bank.

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Why Help Desk Premier?

Your job is to provide the best help for your customers. Ours is, too.

Help Desk Software is what we do. ?That’s ALL we do! ?Why? ?Unfortunately, poor service has become all too common in today’s fast paced, ultra-competitive world. ?When customers call, email or need support, surprise them with an AWESOME CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE! ?It’s a great way to build rapport and keep your customers happy. Help Desk Premier makes it possible. With Help Desk Premier, you will be able to manage incidents, requests, questions or problems using a powerful yet simple interface that is easy to learn.

While there may be a lot of choices on the market, few can deliver as many options for as little cost. Consider us that “extra hand” when you need it most.


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