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Get it right the first time with Help Desk Premier.

Help Desk Software

Building customer loyalty. ?One ticket at a time.

The quest for excellence is an obvious goal of every company, yet often comes through trial and error.? Get it right the first time with Help Desk Premier, a breakthrough solution that gives you a fresh approach to customer service.? Using the best technologies, we?ve created a marvelous solution that enables service and help desk agents to properly and effectively manage customer requests.? So, before you get bombarded, step up to the newest shield of defense in customer management.

Customer requests or problems will never fall through the cracks with Help Desk Premier.
Ticket Management

Comprehensive Workflow Management

Customer requests or problems will never fall through the cracks with Help Desk Premier. ??With Help Desk Premier, you?ll always be ?in the know? from the moment a ticket is logged.? Our powerful ticket management system enables an efficient support process from beginning to resolution, while keeping the customer, technician and other stakeholders informed every step of the way.? Better communication makes customers happier while making the help desk more efficient.

Keep your help desk team prepared.
Knowledge Base

Keep your help desk team prepared

What if customers call and your help desk technicians and agents don?t have the answer to their issues?? Empower your team to resolve issues quickly with a rich knowledge base solution.? You can adjust and add to the knowledge base as new needs arise. Customers can also search for answers in the knowledge base on their own, as well as leave reviews to give you valuable feedback for improved service.

Make your help desk center a hub of cohesive team cooperation with Help Desk Premiers active directory module.
Active Directory Integration

Something for your Whole Team

Make your help desk center a hub of cohesive team cooperation with Help Desk Premier’s Active Directory module.? With Active Directory Integration, help desk agents or technicians no longer need separate user IDs and passwords. ?Instead, you can permit access and assign security privileges from one central source, building teamwork and allowing seamless access to your help desk software.? Users can jump on the network by using their Active Directory User ID and will be automatically logged into Help Desk Premier based on the permissions you granted them in the integration rules.

Help desk software providing an effective and time saving email-to-ticket conversion feature.
Convert Emails to Tickets

The solution to effective ticketing

Sorting through – and managing ? emails can be overwhelming, especially for a growing organization.? Help Desk Premier handles this by providing an effective and time-saving email-to-ticket conversion feature.? This continuously running feature brings unbelievable efficiency and value!? Customers will be pleased by prompt service, which will give them the awesome support experience they deserve.

Automated workflow is a breeze with escalation.
Ticket Escalation

Automated workflow is a breeze with Escalation

Ensure greater customer satisfaction with robust ticket escalation and notification tools. This versatile option can be adjusted with many automatic settings that trigger help desk response, while continuously monitoring ticket actions and recourse. Ticket escalation and notifications offer endless possibilities of ticket management within the Help Desk Software system and will help to decrease customer complaints while improving service.

Roll with the changes in technology.
Change Management

Roll with the Changes in technology

Don’t gamble with your IT infrastructure and make changes without a solid process in place to prevent disasters. ?If you?re concerned about making much-needed updates to the infrastructure of your network, IT, and other facets of your company because of the potential for problems, don?t be. Help Desk Premier lets you control changes from the approval process to planning, implementation and if necessary, rollback. ?With solid Change Management as part of your help desk software solution, you can breath a little easier.

Advantages of help desk software.

Because it’s your Help Desk, not ours

Typically, many helpdesk software programs become more costly as the options for customization increase, making them unattainable for small to mid-sized organizations.? Ours is highly customizable with a field builder that can be custom designed to the preferences of your company?s needs.? This gives you more control and greater organization of your tickets by allowing you to rearrange windows, fields, and data and create multiple templates with default data that will have you already set up before even handling the customer?s request.? Faster data entry for common issues, upgrades, changes, assets and more cuts down on data entry and gives you the power to provide faster service to your customers.

Track and manage any type of asset easily.
Asset Management

Track and manage any type of Asset easily

Track important information about any type of assets in your organization. ? Create unlimited custom fields tailored to your specific type of assets. ?Get quick Views of your assets based on flexible criteria you define. ?With Help Desk Premier, you can track incidents and changes with your assets, allowing you to?recognize problem areas, and always have a complete history into any actions taken on your assets.

Stay on top of the help desk with help desk software.
Help Desk Reports

See things clearly with made-to-order reports

Imagine if you had access to dozens of cool reports to keep you up-to-date on the activity of your help desk.? You do!? With Help Desk Premier, you can stay on top of customer support with many parameters that allow you to get a quick view of priorities, analytics, summaries, requests and even specific staff responsibilities.

Help Desk Software provides role based security to keep customer and corporate information totally secure.

Protect your valuable data

Help Desk Premier uses Role Based Security to keep customer and corporate information totally secure.? You can control the features and tickets a user can access, which prevents unauthorized access to privileged data.? These security levels can be adjusted by security groups, or at the technician level, depending on your needs. ?Help Desk Security features work hand-in-hand with Active Directory integration, so you can easily secure your help desk data based on Active Directory Groups and OU’s if you wish.

Help Desk Software gives your customers quick access to resolutions of common problems through user-friendly knowledge-base.
Customer Self-Service

Save customers time and aggravation. They?ll appreciate it!

Help Desk Premier gives your customers quick access to resolutions of common problems through user-friendly knowledge-base. Not only does this save your customers time and hassle, it frees up your help desk technicians to assist other people.? Ultimately this saves time and money for your staff while greatly enhancing the customer?s experience.