Active Directory Integration


Something for the whole team

Make your help desk center a hub of cohesive team cooperation with Active Directory Integration and Help Desk Premier. With Active Directory integration, individual technicians and requesters no longer need separate user IDs and passwords. Instead, you can permit access and security privileges from one central source, saving time and money, and reducing frustration. Users can jump on the network by using their Active Directory User ID and will be automatically logged into Help Desk Premier based on the privileges you define through your Active Directory rules.

The seamless integration of Active Directory creates a synchronized link between your technicians, requesters and your help desk software. Your users don?t need to remember extra user Id’s or passwords with Active Directory?s simple login process. ?You can use single sign-on so that once the user logs into the network they have instant access to Help Desk Premier (based on rules that you define). ?Or you can require them to enter their Active Directory user name and password in Help Desk Premier that are then validated against your Active Directory installation.

Active Directory integration allows flexibility by allowing the organization to determine which groups, technicians or Active Directory users can have access, as well as what type of access they are allowed. One example is the mapping of help desk technicians from their respective Active Directory group or OU to a Help Desk Premier security group and role. ?Another scenario would be to grant access to certain users as requesters, thereby giving them access to the customer self service portal and making them readily available for a technician whenever a ticket is entered for the requester.

With Active Directory, Help-Desk-Software users enjoy not having to remember passwords and user names. Password Administrator is an optional tool that can be used by your customers to quickly change or reset their passwords.

If you facilitate a help desk, you need a comprehensive help desk solution. Help-Desk-Software gives you a more efficient running operation without a high cost of similar products. It?s a perfect way for any small to medium sized business to enhance customer service without high overhead. ?Contact us today.