Asset Management

Asset Management and Help Desk Premier

No matter what type of assets your help desk supports, Help Desk Premier can help you track and manage them. These could be computers or mobile devices owned by your organization, or products that?customers?have purchased through your company. Help Desk Premier lets you keep a tally of the incidents that occur with any of those assets by quickly seeing a ticket list within the Asset itself, or through customizable reporting.

Assets can be created and viewed through customized templates, and a unique template can be created for each type of asset you track or support. ?Likewise, any number of unique custom fields can be created for specific types of assets. ?The Asset window may have one layout and one set of fields for printers, another for the computers and a third for mobile devices and more. The setup possibilities are endless. And Asset Management is useful for more than just technical equipment; it can keep track of anything from office supplies to furniture. Asset management grows with the needs of the organization.

Asset Window

Your help desk technicians can attach files to an asset such images, documents, warranty information, schematics or any other type of file that is related to the asset.

Make quick views of your assets and sort them with ease. From categorizing them within a particular distributor or manufacturer; to a list of assets that have expiring warranties, asset management does all of the organizing for you.

Help-Desk-Software helps to optimize your help desk center for efficiency and great support. Asset Management helps to make that happen.