Change Management

Change Management

Don’t gamble with your IT infrastructure and make changes without a solid process in place to prevent disasters. ?If you?re concerned about making much-needed updates to the infrastructure of your network, IT, and other facets of your company because of the potential for problems, don?t be. Help Desk Premier lets you control changes from the approval process to planning, implementation and if necessary, rollback. ?With solid Change Management as part of your help desk software solution, you can breath a little easier.

Roll with the changes in technology

Roll into the smart way of managing changes in your organization with change management. ?Change management ensures that all changes are done in an orderly manner and are carefully approved and implemented. ?All changes and tasks can be tracked and approved by an appropriate CAB (Change Advisory Board) prior to implementation, allowing for better control in planning, reviewing and managing all stages of the change or upgrade process. Now you can embrace growth and keep up with technology easily with Help Desk Premier!

It?s natural for problems to occur in the IT department accidentally, mostly due to unforeseen outcomes when changes or updates occur. Because the IT infrastructure of any company is rather complicated, it can be next to impossible to be completely ?issue free? when changes are implemented.


When your help desk software includes a capable change management module, it reduces the risk of IT problems by processing changes through a change request platform. ?This works for changes to hardware, software, the network, or even non-IT changes. Customers can submit a ticket requesting a change, and authorized help desk technicians can easily convert the ticket into a change request. ?The change request gives details about the customers? specific request, including urgency, history and any supporting data that can be attached with the change request. ? The help desk can even add notations or additional attachments, if needed. ?Once all supporting information is in place, the change is assigned to a CAB for their approval or rejection. ?You can have multiple CAB’s for different types of changes, and a CAB can have from one to any number of people assigned to it. ?Once the CAB members have made their recommendations, the change request is either approved or rejected by the Change Manager, who has the final say.


Help desk software with a change management feature gives you greater control by tracking changes throughout their beginning to their final outcome. ?If the change was approved by the CAB and ultimately the Change Manager, the Change Request is expanded to include details on implementation, specific tasks and assignments,?roll-out?plans and even?back-out?plans in the event of a problem. ?Nothing is left to chance with change management.

From the moment a change is requested to its approval and implementation, a change management process can greatly improve the effectiveness of your organization?s technical department.

Change Management is just another great feature of Help Desk Premier and is designed not only to enhance your customer service but your entire IT infrastructure. Get on board with your organization today. Contact Help-Desk-Software today.