Convert Emails to Tickets

Easily Convert Email to Tickets

The solution to effective ticketing

Sorting through ? and managing ? emails can be overwhelming, especially for a growing organization. Help Desk Premier handles this by providing an effective and time-saving email-to-ticket conversion feature. ?Agents can retrieve emails from one or multiple email accounts from any number of different servers. Then the emails are automatically turned into tickets or placed in a queue for agent oversight and management, saving your organization time in sifting emails. This continuously running feature brings unbelievable value! ?Customers will be pleased by the prompt service, which will give them the awesome customer support experience they deserve.

Set up multiple Help Desk email accounts

Easily set up email configurations for one or many accounts to which your customers send their support requests. Help Desk Premier accounts can be IMAP or POP3 and the emails can be retrieved throughout the day on a manageable schedule, such as every fifteen minutes, hourly, etc. ?They can also be retrieved manually. ?After the email is retrieved, it can be automatically converted to a help ticket or placed in a hold queue, similar to an inbox, for further review and conversion.

Help Desk Software Automates Your Email

You can automatically set the default fields for each ticket based upon the account that it was received from, or using other criteria depending on the best ways to organize these for your business. ?Receiving support requests from more than one email address or server is a simple task for Help Desk Premiere.

To provide your customers with instant acknowledgement, you can set up an auto-responder and provide the customer with a ticket number, as well as assurances that there ticket has been received. Create a unique message for different products, different groups and other designations.

When it comes to bringing efficiency and quality to your help desk, Help-Desk-Software provides a tried and tested solution in Help Desk Premier, with hundreds of awesome features to get you organized and save time.