Help Desk Reports

Help Desk Premier is Loaded with Helpful Reports

See things clearly with made-to-order reports

Is your help desk team making a difference, winning customer approval and meeting goals? With Help Desk Premier?s rich reporting capabilities, your help desk technicians can have fast access to critical data and metrics that are applicable to their role within the organization. Plus, team leaders can keep on top of performance, reviews and analytics to make adjustments where needed.

These quick visual help desk reports are a great way to stay on top of managing the help desk while providing instantaneous data when needed. Make smarter decisions with a variety of reporting tools that can be transferred to Microsoft Office programs, PDF, CSV and other file formats. You can even schedule the help desk reports as often as you wish or create widgets to make your help desk run a whole lot better. With Help-Desk-Software?s awesome reporting features, you?ll shed new light on performance and become a whole lot more efficient at the same time.

Help Desk Reporting Made Easy

Imagine if you had access to dozens of cool reports to keep you up-to-date on the activity of your help desk. You do! With Help Desk Premier you can stay on top of the help desk with many parameters that allow you to get a quick view of priorities, analytics, summaries, requests and even specific staff responsibilities.

You can also create customized reports in a cinch with Help Desk Software?s easy-to-follow SQL server database. Or if you?re too busy, let us handle your reports for you. Helpdesk Software works through a dashboard and contains unlimited widgets that can be anything from charts and graphs to mini-reports and projections, tickets, announcements or notifications.

Help Desk Dashboard

Every help desk technician can have their own customized dashboard so that everyone can access the information that?s most applicable to their needs and in the format they like best.

Help-Desk-Software reports are another popular feature of Help Desk Premier and can be used in so many ways to grow your company and improve performance and support! ?Contact Help-Desk-Software to learn more about powerful reporting available in Help Desk Premier.