Knowledge Base

Knowledge at Your Fingertips

What if customers call and your help desk technicians and agents don?t have the answer to their issues? ?The knowledge base is another great way to build rapport by eliminating customer frustration or lost agent time in proposing solutions to common issues.

Something for the whole team

Empower your team to resolve issues quickly with a rich knowledge base solution as part of Help Desk Premier. You can adjust and add to the knowledge base as new needs arise. Tickets can easily be converted to knowledge base articles, and this constant yet simple updating of the knowledge base makes it a highly effective customer support solution. ?You can designate which articles are accessible to the help desk technicians, or your requesters or both. ? Customers can also rate your articles and leave comments to give you valuable feedback for improved service.

Help Desk Technicians and Requestors can quickly search for answers through the knowledge base article resources. These great features are also part of the knowledge base solution:

  • Transition tickets easily to knowledge base articles for technicians and requesters to use.
  • Make articles private for help desk technicians exclusively or allow your customers to view them – the choice is yours.
  • Customers or help desk technicians can rate articles using a one-to-five star system. The ratings let you know which articles are most helpful and which may need to be improved upon.
  • The knowledge base also allows readers to leave comments that can be rejected or approved by authorized personnel.
  • You can also designate which staff members are allowed to publish articles.
  • Allows files to be attached to articles, such as images or documents that can be opened by the reader.
  • Search and filtering capabilities make the knowledge base easy to navigate and allow you to quickly find the articles you need.
  • You can opt for HTML formatting to make the knowledge base more attractive and easier to read for your customers.

The knowledge base makes everyone a whole lot more enlightened and happy all the way around! ?Users of Help Desk Premier are a big fan of its knowledge base due to its flexibility and the improvement in efficiency it provides. Explore the knowledge base for yourself to see how it can help your help desk support team! ?Contact us today.