Ticket Escalation

Help Desk Ticket Escalation and Notification

Monitor help tickets better with escalation and notification

Ensure greater customer satisfaction with robust ticket escalation and notification tools. This versatile feature can be tailored with many custom settings that trigger help desk response, while continuously monitoring ticket actions and recourse. ?You define the conditions with specific but flexible criteria, such as due dates, priority, status, description fields or when certain tasks become active / past due. ?You can then define what actions should be triggered when the specified conditions are met. ?You can send emails to the appropriate people or even change fields automatically such as priority or status.

Escalation rules can be tailored to run on a schedule which can be 24/7 or just during your defined business hours.


Urgent tickets must be handled? well, urgently! ?Help Desk Software offers sound peace of mind that urgent matters will be handled on time through automatic ticket escalation and email triggers that can be preset with specific criteria and definitions. This gives you flexibility in handling tickets swiftly and in the order they should be.

A few examples of how ticket escalation can be used include:

  • Notify the appropriate Technician Group when a ticket of a particular type or priority is received.
  • Notify help desk technicians or management when an urgent ticket isn’t resolved within a certain period of time.
  • If a ticket from a certain person or organization is received, automatically set the priority to Urgent and notify the appropriate people by email.
  • When new tasks or changes are made to tickets you can keep the technician, requester, or management informed.
  • Notify a customer when a ticket has been resolved, and send them the resolution.


The rules can be adjusted to suit the needs of your help desk and based upon the customer?s common issues.

Use escalation to notify help desk technicians or management when an urgent ticket isn’t resolved within a certain period of time. ?Or notify your customers when a ticket is resolved. ? These are just some examples of the endless possibilities within Help Desk Premier escalation. ?With escalation and notification, your service quality goes up, while customer complaints go down.

Help Desk Premier’s ticket escalation is one of the best ways to stay on top of your customer support efforts and to maintain customer satisfaction! ?To learn more about the power of Escalation and Notification, Contact BrightBox Solutions today.