Ticket Management


With Help-Desk-Software, you?ll always be ?in the know? as soon as the tickets are entered into the system. Our powerful ticket management system supports the help process from beginning to resolution, while keeping the customer informed every step of the way. Better communication makes customers happier while making the help desk more efficient.

Keep tabs easily with comprehensive workflow management

Our ticket management system uses a breakthrough platform that keeps track of customer history, activities, account changes or status updates, all interactions or other designated criteria that can be customized to suit the nature of your industry and daily activities. Some of these include:

> History tracking
> Field changes
> Correspondence
> Agent notations
> Resolution details

Ticket Management works in conjunction with ticket escalation. With Help Desk Software ticket management, your help desk will be better managed. Ticket management also works alongside the other features of the software to give you more control of workflow and for useful data used for reporting. Don?t wait until customers have contacted you multiple times or until tickets have reached a critical point. With ticket management you and your team will always have a handle on customer requests!

Help-Desk-Software offers the most robust ticket management center for your help desk and support team. From beginning to end, your tickets will reach a resolution on time to bring more satisfied customers and ease of use for help center technicians. Contact us for more information.