Help Desk Resources Galore

If you operate a help desk or have a career as a help desk technician, tap into our great resources like white papers, special reports, newsletters, help desk references, and other helpful links designed specifically for the help desk professional. Within this abundance of help desk reference tools you will also learn great stuff that you can do with Help-Desk-Software and how you can make the most of it to serve the needs of your customers and company.

  • Help Desk Acronyms – A list of commonly used abbreviations and acronyms used in the help desk and service desk industry.
  • Articles – A variety of articles about help desk software can be found here to help you know what to look for when selecting and implementing a solution for your organization.
  • White Papers?- These are a great source of support written by help desk experts and service or IT support technicians who understand your role and can help you learn ways to improve or stay on top of your game.