Roll with the changes and industry updates

Help Desk Software makes running a help desk more manageable, but many customer service reps still like to keep up to date so they can constantly improve or stay informed about new buzz-worthy industry topics. Here you?ll find a great stash of help desk reading, if you?re up for it.

  • Asset Tracking with Help Desk Software?- Tracking your IT assets with help desk software is critical to properly managing your IT infrastructure. ?Learn more about what to look for in help desk software with an asset management module.
  • Call Tracking Software?- Critical features are required in successful call tracking software, such as custom fields and templates, knowledge base, ticket escalation, multiple views of your data, and more.
  • Cloud Based Help Desk Software?- Running your help desk software in the cloud can reduce your workload and costs while providing greater accessibility.
  • Customer Support Software?- Keeping your customers happy is what it’s all about. ?Whether you run a formal help desk or service desk, or another type of support operation, customer support software can help you get organized and be more efficient.
  • Help Desk Software Must Have Features?- So many products, so little time! ?What are some features you really should insist on in your help desk software choice? ?This article discusses that topic and more.
  • Help Desk Software vs Service Desk Software?- Are the terms help desk and service desk?interchangeable? ?Not exactly, but many features commonly found in service desk software and now becoming more popular in help desk software. ?Find out where they overlap and where they differ.
  • Help Desk Solutions?- No two organizations are the same, and no two help desks are the same either. ?A help desk solution for one organization may not be right for another.
  • Issue Tracking Software – Great help desk software isn’t just for the IT Help Desk. ?It should be capable of tracking all types of issues – even non-technical ones.
  • IT Help Desk Software – Help desk software for the IT department should be capable of handling common technical issues and devices.
  • IT Support Software?- What to look for when buying software specifically for the purpose of supporting your IT department.
  • Trouble Ticket Software – Under the ITIL framework, it’s called Incident Management, but it still comes down to addressing and managing acute problems or incidents. ?Learn more about using trouble ticket software to provide rapid and efficient support for your customers.
  • Web Based Help Desk Software?- While Windows help desk software once ruled to landscape, it has largely become outdated. ?It is typically bloated, difficult to install and maintain and not easily accessible in today’s distributed environments. ?Learn more about why web based help desk software is the way to go.