Call Tracking Software

Call Tracking Software

agent using call tracking softwareAll help desks need call tracking software, but different applications have their strengths and weaknesses. When choosing new call tracking software, consider the bigger picture. Can you use the solution to actually reduce the number of calls, or help your team to process them more efficiently?

Call Tracking Software Should Track More Than Just Calls

If call volume is a problem in your team, promoting other avenues for support can really help. A good help desk solution will have multiple entry points for the end user. The way you control and manage this logging process will largely be dependent on client location and the scope of your provision, but you can offer other routes than just the telephone.

A web based logging system is great because it skips the call logger entirely, freeing them up to perform other tasks. Good call tracking software or help desk software will also automatically create tickets from a POP3 or IMAP mailbox. Also, don?t forget to set up and maintain a Knowledge Base to offer users a preliminary source of help before they pick up the phone.

Customizable interfaces speed things up
Technicians need to be able to log calls quickly via an intuitive interface, so customization is key. Create different templates for different ticket types and enter default data for certain categories. For example, a request for a replacement PC would call up a different template to a problem with a desktop application. Customizable forms help with the call tracking process: they collect all the necessary data in a uniform way, and required fields prompt first line technicians to capture all the facts second and third line staff need to know.

Your call tracking software must also accommodate attachments, but ideally only file types and sizes that you permit, and only where it?s useful to do so. Allowing end users to update call tracking software with screenshots is great, but you need to have some control over this for security reasons.

Consider other departments when choosing call tracking software
Many help desk teams require other teams to interact with their call tracking software, particularly when they?re working within ITIL. Tickets get passed from team to team, upgraded, resolved, re-assigned and so on. Priorities may change automatically depending on the team the ticket is with, causing their urgency to change.

Your call tracking software should be comprehensive enough to cope with this. It?s no good just recording call data: every time the ticket moves or something changes, that action needs to be captured in an audit trail.

Easy reporting
Good call tracking software and help desk applications can produce attractive dashboard charts and reports. Another key benefit is color-coding of tickets. Setting up visual cues helps the call logger to visually demonstrate the urgency of the request, and it helps the technician to see any priority tickets at a glance. These visual prompts are vital to ensuring no important issues go undetected.

Call Tracking Software Conclusion

Call tracking software needs to do more than just log and track calls. ?It can be closely integrated or even a core component of your help desk or service desk. ?On today’s market, there are many robust solutions in all price ranges. ?Pick one that has the features you need without the bloat (and price) you don’t. ?You can also learn more about call tracking software and call centers in general at ICMI – International Customer Management Institute.

You can also learn how Help Desk Premier from Help-Desk-Software ?can address your call tracking needs by contacting us today.