Help Desk Solutions

Help Desk Solutions

Installing new Help desk solutions can be disruptive if the change is not handled well. Disrupting the process which your team uses to manage incidents and requests will only make the disruption worse. The software you choose for your Help desk should support your technicians; it shouldn?t make their job harder. They shouldn?t have to fight against it. If you have a workflow already, it has probably developed from necessity, and it?s worth retaining it if it?s working for you.

Choose a Help desk solution that?s adaptable and customizable. Ensure that your software does everything you need it to do before you buy it. Some companies buy a great-looking product, only to realize that it?s too simplistic, or it?s awkward to record data in a way that makes sense for your team. There?s no point in reinventing the wheel.

All Help Desk Solutions are not Created Equal

Help desk solutions should also be capable of accommodating your organization?s quirks. No two Help desks are the same, even if they both use the ITIL framework. Some Help desks support external users, for example, and some don?t, but a lot more information needs to be captured about an external user. The level of shared knowledge between the team and the customer will also vary from business to business and customer to customer, so you need to ensure your Help desk solution is set up to ensure everything is recorded at the first point of contact. Help Desk Premier has a clean, attractive layout which can be adapted with ease.

Help desk solutions should also be highly intuitive. Help desk staff need to record information at speed, sometimes while using the telephone. Doing two things at once isn?t easy. The software should support them during a call, and an adaptable layout will help with this.

Remember: for maximum efficiency, it?s also important to disable features you don?t need. This will ensure your staff aren?t forced to tab through unused fields, or spend time hunting for the tools they?re looking for.

Help Desk Solutions Conclusion

Finally, remember that Help desk solutions are only as good as the time they save. A good package should automate as much of your administration as possible (and for as many people as possible). Help Desk Premier can automatically re-assign tickets after a certain time: it can send emails based on complex rules, and it can calculate the age of a ticket based on your own working hours. On the user side, the software can also automatically authenticate with Active Directory to save your technicians having to administrate another set of login names and passwords.