Service Desk Software and Help Desk Premier

Service Desk Software and Help Desk Premier

Operator Using Service Desk SoftwareService Desk Software should operate within the ITIL v3 framework while incorporating a number of unique features. ?Help Desk Premier is designed to do just that. ?This approach to the management of the Service Desk process allows the team to customize the service desk software while adhering to the principles of ITIL.

Incidents, Service Requests and Problems

Help Desk Premier uses the word tickets to incorporate incidents, service requests and problems, enabling a single point of contact for incident management, request fulfillment and problem resolution. Tickets are flagged with a Ticket Type to designate them as an Incident, Request or Problem. Tickets can be logged in the service desk software in one of ?three different ways:

  1. By the service desk or help desk technician
  2. By the requestor via the web-based service desk software
  3. After being captured from incoming emails via IMAP or POP3 (with or without review by a member of your help desk or service desk team)

Once logged in the help desk software, tickets can be classified as incidents or requests as necessary, and organized in team or individual folders for improved clarity and efficiency. Files can be attached, and the Service Desk or Help Desk Manager can place restrictions on the types of files that are allowed.

Help Desk Premier tracks each ticket from logging to resolution, or the fulfillment of the request, and records every action for future reference to create a complete audit trail. An impact-urgency-priority matrix gives you an at-a-glance view of the state of your incidents, requests and problems, quickly identifying anything of a high priority for urgent attention.

Speedy Management of Problems and Known Errors

Technicians can quickly create an ITIL problem simply by marking the main incident as a problem and linking related incidents to it through use of the Related Tickets feature. This allows the technician to upgrade an incident to a problem very quickly, and without needing to use any additional time-consuming logging tools.

A built-in Knowledge Base allows technicians to keep customers informed of any ongoing problems or known errors, cutting down on the time needed to administrate multiple repeat incidents or respond to common requests for information.

Improved Efficiency in Request Fulfillment

Our Service Desk Software provides a self-service password reset facility which integrates directly with your Active Directory database. Password Administrator handles simple password reset requests through an automated system, cutting down on administration for your service desk staff and allowing for faster request fulfillment. Users can access the tool directly from their Windows login screen or via a web application which the user can access through any network-connected computer.

The Knowledge Base within Help Desk Premier can be used as a public resource for requestors, but it can also be used as an internal Knowledge Base. Articles can be marked as public or private, allowing you to build up a reference library of processes for resolving your most common incidents or requests. This quick and easy method of knowledge retention is invaluable when training new staff.

SLAs, OLAs and Reports

Each ticket logged in the service desk software can be automatically tagged with a certain priority or status automatically, based on a custom rule that you define. Multiple, flexible features make this possible, including Ticket Templates and Escalation. This makes it easy for your staff to monitor and report on SLAs and OLAs and identify trends in incident reporting, making problem detection easier. In the same way, tickets can be automatically escalated when rules are met, and Help Desk Premier can also send email notifications depending on the status of the incident, problem or request. This allows key staff within your organization to be notified automatically when problems arise.

An attractive dashboard screen gives each technician the ability to create a custom view of the metrics that matter most to them. And because Help Desk Premier is completely customizable, SLAs are always calculated based on your own customizable opening hours and availability. If you don?t provide 24-hour or 7-day support services, the software won?t count this time in its calculations.

Straightforward, Robust Security

Help Desk Premier can utilize the usernames and passwords already in use via your Active Directory installation. ?Staff using the service desk software and requesters alike are automatically logged in and given an access level appropriate to their role, and access can also be controlled right down to OU level, completely removing a layer of access administration. Your team does not need to oversee another set of usernames and passwords, and your requestors will appreciate not having another login name to remember.

Service Desk Software and Change Management

Unlike many other help desk software applications, Help Desk Premier has a robust Change Management feature. Changes can be tracked from their inception through their approval by the Change Advisory Board. Approval of a change can be completed in the software itself, simply by each individual CAB member logging in to review and approve the change. The Change Manager then signs off the change and triggers the implementation phase.

Help Desk Premier also allows the Service Desk to track assets, leases, contracts and more. Like the rest of this powerful service desk software, the Asset Management area can be expanded to track almost any asset and is completely customizable to your organization?s needs.

A Customizable Service Desk Software Solution

Our Service Desk Software offers a number of innovative features which offer the Service Desk manager a dynamic approach to ITIL. By working within the ITIL framework on incidents, problems and requests, and also incorporating custom fields and alerts, the service desk software can be fine-tuned to each organization?s individual needs.

With the robust yet simple approach to Change Management and Asset Management, even the smallest IT department can come to grips with the entire ITIL lifecycle, without needing to master different software packages to achieve ITIL compliance.

Help Desk premier offers a comprehensive toolkit for any organization looking for Service Desk Software to monitor their tickets, SLAs and OLAs, facilitate team working and keep requestors informed all the way through the process.

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