Web Based Help Desk Software

Web Based Help Desk Software

Web Based Help Desk SoftwareWeb based help desk software offers many benefits to a busy help desk or service desk team. Even if your technicians work in the same building as users, they?re likely to log faults and record updates in different locations, and with web based solutions, they?ll never need to carry a pen and paper.

Although the obvious solution is a cloud helpdesk application, most quality in-house packages also come with a browser interface built-in, so your options need not be limited. There are a number of benefits to using browser-based helpdesk tools.

Web based help desk software is customizable

If you need to customize and brand your helpdesk application, a web-based tool is ideal. Most good help desk applications will allow you to replace standard logos with your own company logos (unless they?re free, in which case you?re probably legally bound to stick with the vendor graphic). In addition, forward-thinking vendors tend to make it easy to switch fields around and add new ones. Often, changing colors is simply a matter of editing the CSS file; there will almost certainly be someone in your team who can do this quickly and easily, even if you don?t know CSS yourself.

Go mobile with web based help desk software

Don?t rely on apps for mobile access to your helpdesk software. Web based systems have universal, cross-platform appeal: wherever there?s a web browser, you can use the application.

Of course, some web based helpdesk applications will look good on a mobile device and some may not, but the sheer flexibility of a web based help desk solution can?t be overstated, especially now more of us carry smartphones in our pockets.

Web based help desk software is cross-platform

Got a mix of Macs and PCs? No matter which your users prefer, you won?t have to worry about providing them with an application for the desktop. Web based helpdesk tools can run in all major browsers, assuming it?s relatively modern. Anything newer than Internet Explorer 6 should present no problems for the team or end users.

One of the biggest benefits of web-based tools is end user access. Your customers can log on to a trimmed-down version of the reporting template to log their issue, cutting out the time needed for your team to answer the phone. Once the issue is logged, they can then log on any time and obtain a list of their requests, checking on the status of each one and adding notes as required. Users enjoy this kind of access. They?ll be able to see that their issue is being dealt with – even if your team haven?t yet resolved their problem.

Web Based Help Desk Software Conclusion

While there are still some Windows based help desk software solutions on the market, most organizations (and vendors) have turned their full attention to web based help desk software. The flexibility, access, and lower support efforts to install and maintain a web solution far outweigh the benefits you may get from a Windows (desktop) solution.