Announcements are used to pass on information about important events such as system outages, pricing changes, training courses and so on.

Announcements are displayed on the Dashboard and can optionally be sent via email.

Adding and Editing Announcements

Launch the Announcements menu via?Tools ? Other Tools ? Announcements.

Click the green Add icon to add a new announcement, or click the name of an existing announcement to edit its contents.

Message Details tab

  • Choose the date to begin showing your Announcement, and the date you want the Announcement to expire. If you do not wish your Announcement to expire, leave the?To:?field blank.
  • Use the content fields to compose your Announcement.
  • Click the?Send the announcement via email?checkbox to send your Announcement to the people and groups selected on the Recipients tab.

Recipients tab

Use the arrows to add and remove recipients for your Announcement. You can choose Groups, Organizations or both.?Announcements are only displayed to Users and Groups defined in this tab.

If you checked the Send the announcement via email checkbox on the Message Details tab, your Announcement will also be emailed to the users selected on this screen.

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