Help Desk Premier allows you to track and manage Assets such as computers, laptops, peripherals, mobile devices and other physical or software Assets owned in the Organization.

Launch the Asset menu via?Assets ? Manage Assets.

Recording an Asset

Before recording your first Asset, you may wish to configure Asset Types, Manufacturers, Models and Vendors as explained in the next section.

  • Custom Fields can be used in Asset forms to tailor the information captured for each Asset Type (see below).
  • The Attachments tab allows you to upload warranty certificates, schematics and other relevant documentation. Note that maximum file size and accepted file types are set via?Administration ??General Configuration ? Attachment.
  • The Tickets tab displays any Tickets linked to this Asset.

Configuring Assets

Asset Types

Asset types are used to classify the type of item or instance you wish to track (for example, a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, filing cabinet or a particular application).

Launch the Asset Types menu via?Assets ? Configure Assets?? Asset Types.

  • Add a new Asset Type by clicking the green Add icon in the toolbar.
  • You may also right-click on an existing Asset Type to Edit or Delete the item or add a sub Asset Type below it.

Configure Manufacturers

A Manufacturer is any company who makes or produces an Asset. Set up Manufacturer data via?Assets ? Configure Assets?? Manufacturers.

Configure Models

A Model is a type of Asset made by a Manufacturer. For example, for the Manufacturer called?Apple, you may choose to create iPhone, Macbook Pro and iMac as Models.?Set up Manufacturer data via?Assets ? Configure Assets?? Models.

Configure Vendors

A Vendor is the person who supplies Assets, such as a physical store or ecommerce vendor.?Set up Manufacturer data via?Assets ? Configure Assets?? Vendors.

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