Help Desk Premier has a flexible Change Management system which can record Reasons, Types and the Status of every Change Request.

Administrators can set up multiple Change Advisory Boards (CABs) and for different Change Request Types, and decide whether approvals must be collected before Changes are allowed to progress.

Change Reasons

Change Reasons are circumstances which trigger a Change Request.

Define your Reasons via?Administration ? Change Management?? Change Reasons.

Change Statuses

A Change Status indicates the process of the Change Request through the Change Management function. Possible values include?Requested,?Approved,Rejected?and?Closed.

Define your Reasons via?Administration ? Change Management?? Change Statuses.

Change Types

Use this screen to define the impact of the Change.?Standard,?Minor?or?Major?are three examples you can use here.

Define your Types via?Administration ? Change Management?? Change Types.

Change Advisory Boards (CABs)

The CAB is a group of people who give expert advice to the Change Management Lead or Team. All Change Requests are forwarded to the CAB for review.

Define your CABs via?Administration ? Change Management?? CABs.

CAB Levels

In Help Desk Premier, a CAB can optionally be split into Levels. A CAB Level is a sub-group of the CAB.?The maximum number of CAB Levels a user can choose is defined via?Administration ??General Configuration ??System Settings.

A typical service desk will only need to use one CAB Level. However, if your CAB contains a large number of people, you can split the decision-making process to suit your workflow.?Cascade approvals by using a vote at each Level.

For example, you may require two of the five users in the Level 1 sub-group to approve the Change Request before it is passed to the Level 2 sub-group.

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