Change Request Management allows you to monitor and implement requests for changes to your IT infrastructure with as litte disruption as possible.?They are usually managed with a different process than Tickets. Help Desk Premier allows you to create a Change process that is different from your standard Ticket workflow.

Change Requests can be identified according to Type, Priority etc, and different views and layouts of the Change Request list can be created to organise the data.

Change Request templates can be created for specific types of changes, and Custom Fields can be added to those templates.

Adding a New Change Request

  • To add a new Change Request from the application user interface, go toChanges ? New Change.
  • To add a new Change Request from the Changes list, click the green Add icon in the toolbar.

The Change Request Form

Use Change Request form to records all the information about a specific change. This includes:

  • Tickets linked to the change.
  • Details of each phase of the change process.
  • Details of the CAB members and approval process for implementing the change.

The Change Request screen displays the Subject, Type and Status details. Note that these are different from those used on Tickets. Change Request Types and Statuses are set via?Administration ? Change Management ? Change Types or Change Statuses.

More actions regarding the Change Request can be performed using the Action menu.

The full details of the Change Request a held across a number of tabs in a similar way to Tickets. Please refer to the Create Tickets topic for details regarding the following tabs:

  • General
  • Description
  • Attachments
  • Tasks
  • History
  • Assets
  • Custom Fields

Tickets tab

Tickets can be linked or detached from the Change Request using the Tickets tab.

  1. Click?Link Tickets, find and select the required Tickets.
  2. Click?Add Selected Tickets to change.
  3. A confirmation message is displayed. Click?Yes?to link the ticket.

Phases tab

The Phases tab is used to add notes to each phase of the change request. The tab is split into five more tabs, one for each phase.

  • Impact
  • Rollout Plan
  • Backout Plan
  • Checklist
  • Review

Approval tab

The Approval tab is used to select the CAB members needed to Approve the Change Request.

  • Click?CAB Members?to select the members to approve the Change Request. The CAB boards are set up via?Administration ? Change Management ? CABs.
  • Approvers can be deleted from the CAB Members list.
  • Click?Set Approvals?to set approval levels and the number of approvals needed for the change. The levels and roles can then be assigned to the CAB members.
  • Click?Start Process?to email the CAB Members for their approval for the change.

Change Requests can also be created using Templates. Please see the Create Tickets topic for more information on Templates.

Converting a Ticket into a Change Request

  1. Locate and open the Ticket you wish to convert.
  2. Click Create Change Request in the Ticket Action drop-down list.

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