Custom Templates

Use Custom Templates to define fields that appear on the forms Requesters and Technicians use. You can set fields as ?required? and set default values for the field when it appears that particular form. Templates can be easily customised using drag and drop, and they can be cloned for re-use.

Custom Templates can be used with the following entities:

  • Ticket
  • Asset
  • People
  • Organization
  • Ticket Task
  • Change Request
  • Change Request Task

Launch the Custom Fields editor via?Administration ? Customization ? Custom Templates.

Working with Templates

Hover your mouse over any field on the form. While editing, you can use the Preview button at the top of the form to see how the form will look to a Requestor or Technician.

  • To delete a field from the form, click the red X appears in the top left-hand corner of the field. Fields which are removed appear in the Unused Fields pane on the right hand side of the screen. These can be dragged back onto the form if necessary.

  • To move a field, move your mouse to the blue bar at the top of the field and drag the field to its new position.


  • Right-click on the field to set its attributes. The options are Required and Show to Requester. Custom Fields can be set to Read Only.

  • Choose whether this Custom Template will be available in the Self Service Portal.

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