Help Desk Premier uses Dashboards to display a graphical overview of the status of your help desk or service desk, helping you to proactively react to problems and get an ?at-a-glance? picture of any issues.

Launch the Dashboard menu via?Administration ? General Configuration ? Dashboards.

Dashboards are built using a series of Widgets. The Administrator can define a default Dashboard with a pre-defined set of Widgets. Each user can then customise the default Dashboard, choosing and customising their own layout and Widgets to show information that?s most relevant to their role, tasks or workflow.

Creating and editing Dashboards

Widgets can display data in a range of different formats including pie charts, graphs, tables and gauges. RAG (red amber green) thresholds can be customised for some Widgets.

  • Click the green?Add?icon to add a new Dashboard, or click the name of an existing Dashboard to edit it.
  • Click the?Add Widget?button to add new Widgets to your Dashboard.
  • Customise your Widget and click?Save?to add it to the Dashboard.

Each Widget has a set of icons on its toolbar.

  • Use the gear icon to edit the Widget.
  • Use the up arrow icon to collapse the Widget.
  • Use the cross icon to delete the Widget.

When you are satisfied with your Dashboard, click the?Save and Close?button.

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