Access this screen via?Tools ??Email ??Settings.

  • Create new Requester, if email is from unknown email address?creates a new user if Help Desk Premier has not seen the sender?s email address before.
  • Use VCard attachments in emails to update requester data?populates the sender?s profile within Help Desk Premier with their VCard details (if attached to the sender?s message).
  • Automatically convert email into a ticket?defines whether emails will be automatically converted into tickets or not. The drop-down menu allows you to define this rule in more detail.

Spam filter

  • Skip messages with subject containing?is a free text field which accepts words or phrases which you wish to ban. For example, you may wish to add words like?offer,?sale,?newsletter?or?deal?to block marketing emails.
  • Skip messages from emails or domains (comma separated)?allows you to define domains or email addresses which will be ignored.

Service Schedule

  • Interval to Check mail for Auto Processing (In Minutes)?sets the interval for automatic mailbox checking.
  • Check Mail only during Business Hours?can be selected to stop Help Desk Premier creating tickets outside your business hours (defined in?Administration ??General Configuration ??Operating Hours).

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