Help Desk Premier can automatically escalate tickets and trigger notifications or emails based on your own rules. You may wish to automatically escalate a ticket when the Priority field changes, notify someone when a task is opened or completed, or you may want send an email when a ticket passes its due date.


Launch the Escalation Rules menu via?Tools ? Other Tools ? Escalation.

Conditions tab

Set the Escalation conditions using the Conditions form. Use the additional horizontal tabs at the top of the form to switch between the Ticket Condition and Task Condition windows.

Actions tab

Use the form to set up rules which will determine what action should be taken when your Conditions are satisfied.

  • You may wish to notify a user or group, email a user or group or change the value of a field.
  • If you choose to notify a user or group, you can define whether your notification should be sent repeatedly at a set interval until action is taken.
  • Emails can be sent to the Requester, the Technician working on the ticket, a Manager, a Group or an email address.

Schedule tab

This form allows you to schedule your new Rule.

  • The Rule can be set to run hourly or daily at a time you define.?
  • The?Run during business hours?checkbox should be ticked if you want to stop notifications and emails being generated outside your normal operating hours.


  • If you do not wish to schedule your rule, save it without ticking the Schedule Rule checkbox. You may run any Rule, or a selection of Rules, from the Escalation screen by selecting the checkbox(s) and clicking the Run icon in the toolbar.

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