Tickets are created in response to client queries or problems. Tickets include information regarding such as the Impact on the organisation, Urgency of the query and the Priority. Use the Ticket Configuration menu to configure the terms and settings for Tickets.

Access the Ticket Configuration menu items via?Administration ? Ticket Configuration.


The Impact of a Ticket is determines its impact to the entire organization. An issue that affects one user would therefore have a lower Impact than one which affects the whole organisation.

Use the Impact menu to determine the Impact levels that can be assigned to Tickets.?Define this via Administration ? Ticket Configuration ? Impact.

Click?Add?to add a new Impact, or click on the name of an Impact to edit it.


The Urgency of a Ticket determines how quickly it needs to be resolved. A Problem may be considered to be less Urgent if there a temporary fix or workaround. Use the Urgency menu to determine the Urgency levels that can be assigned to Tickets.

Define your Urgency levels via Administration ? Ticket Configuration ? Urgency.

Click?Add?to add a new Urgency, or click on the name of an Urgency to edit it.


The Priority of a Ticket determines the significance of a Ticket and sets a timeframe for its resolution. The Priority relates to the Impact and Ugency of a ticket.

An Urgent ticket with a low Impact should have a lower priority that an Urgent ticket with a high Impact.

Use the Priority menu to determine the Priority levels that can be assigned to Tickets. To set rules about how Priorities are assigned, please refer to the Priority Matrix section below.

Define your Priorities via Administration ? Ticket Configuration ? Priorities.

Click Add to add a new Priority.

You can assign a background color to the priority to help it stand out in the Ticket list. The Default Due Date is used to set the deadline for the Ticket.

Priority Matrix

Use the Priority Matrix to determine the rules for setting the Priority level of a Ticket, based on its Urgency and Impact.

To access the Priority Matrix, go to Administration ? Ticket Configuration ? Priority Matrix.

The main body of the table displays the Priority level according to the corresponding Impact and Urgency level. Using the rules in the example above, a ticket with a moderate Urgency and a global Impact will have a low Priority.

Click the down arrows next to a Priority to change the setting.

You may optionally allow Users to manually adjust Priority levels in Tickets.

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