Administrators can create custom Views to make information easier to view and organise. Assign Layouts to Views?to make data easier to manage, sort and display.

Views?and Layouts can be applied to the following entities:

  • Tickets
  • Assets
  • People
  • Organizations
  • Change Requests

Views?and Layouts are defined according to criteria relevant to your organization, team or workflow. For example, you may wish to list Ticket items by status or urgency.


Access Layouts via?Tools ? Viewing Your Data ? Manage List Layout.

Administrators and Technicians can add, edit and delete Layouts. Once created, the new Layout is available when previewing a list of data.

Adding a Layout

  1. Click the green Add icon in the toolbar.
  2. Name your Layout.
  3. Select an Entity from the drop-down list.
  4. Move fields to and from the Selected list using the arrow buttons.

Editing a Layout

To edit an existing Layout, click on the name of the Layout.

  • Click the?For Self Service Portal?checkbox if you want this Layout to be available to Requesters.
  • Use the arrows to add and remove fields from the Layout.
  • Use the?Order by?pane to add one or more fields and sort orders to define how data should be displayed.

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