This topic covers general navigation and toolbar functions in Help Desk Premier.


The functions of Help Desk Premier are accessed via buttons in the main toolbar which runs horizontally across the top of the page. Alternatively, use the list in the left hand pane.

Hover the mouse over a menu in the main toolbar to display a drop-down sub menu. Again, the options in the sub menu match those in the left hand pane.

The Tickets, Changes and Assets drop-down sub menus display recently added items.

In this help forum, we describe navigation in the following format:

Menu button ? Sub Menu or drop down list ? List item

Managing Your Account

Your account is managed using the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the interface. Click?Welcome <username>?to access it.

Working with lists

Adding, Editing and Deleting List Items

Use the?Add?button in the list toolbar to add items to a list. Clicking the Add button will launch the edit form.

Click the name of any item in the list to edit it. This launches the same window (or a very similar window).

Click the tick box next to the name of any item in the list and click?Delete?in the toolbar to delete it. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Filtering, cloning and defaults

Use filters to find data in any list. For example, you may wish to filter Tickets, Emails, Holidays etc.

  1. Click the?Filter?icon in the toolbar.
  2. Type in your filter text into the relevant field and/or use the checkboxes.
  3. Select the operator from the drop down list.
  4. The results of your filter will be displayed.

  • Optionally, repeat the process in other fields to further narrow down your results.



Setting defaults and cloning

Icons appear in some lists to make it quick to select default items or to clone items.

A green tick appears next to the current default item in a list. Click in the same column on any other row to make that item the default.

Use the?Clone?icon to make an exact copy of an item. For example, you may wish to clone a Template.

Inactive items

Some items can be made inactive. This is an alternative to permanent deletion of the item.

  1. Click the name of an item in the list to edit it.
  2. Tick?Inactive?and click Save.

By default, Inactive items are not displayed in lists.? Tick Display Inactive Items to show them with the active items.


Some list items can have sub items and as such, these lists are displayed in a tree structure.?Click?Expand/Collapse?to to expand or collapse all of the items in the tree.

  • Click on the?+?symbol to expand individual items.
  • Click on the??symbol to collapse individual items.

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