While assigning permissions to users, it?s important to understand the difference between a Group and a Role.

  • Groups are simply a logical way to group Technicians. These Groups are used to assign users to particular ?teams? for the purposes of auto-assigning tickets.
  • Roles control access privileges and security.


Navigate to?Administration ??Users?? People.

Click on the name of a person to edit their details.

General tab

Full in the user?s contact information. Note that these fields may have been automatically populated from an Active Directory sync or a VCard import.

Security tab

Assign privileges for the user in this tab. You may also change the user?s password and assign Roles on this screen.

Technician Group tab

Use this tab to assign the user to a particular logical Group.

Notes tab

Enter any notes about the user or their account.

Custom Fields tab

Manage Custom Fields, if you have defined any, in this tab.

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