System Settings

The System Settings screen contains a range of general configuration settings. Access this screen via?Administration ??General Configuration ??System Settings.

General tab

  • Rows per Page?sets the default number of rows shown in lists throughout Help Desk Premier. It accepts a number between 5 and 100.
  • Send email as?selects HTML or Plain Text format for emails sent from the application.
  • Maximum CAB levels?controls the maximum number of levels in the CAB (Change Advisory Board).
  • Show Ticket Text on Ticket Tab?allows you to set a custom prefix for each ticket. You may wish to enter a value such as?Ref,?Ref no,?Ticket no. etc.
  • Allow User to Override the Priority Matrix?allows users to change the default Matrix (listed under the Ticket Configuration menu).
  • Ticket Notes cannot be changed once entered?prevents Ticket notes being edited once they have been saved.

AD Integration

  • AD Single Sign On?means Active Directory users will only be prompted to enter login details the first time they access the application.
  • AD Live Sync?enables real-time syncing of data between Help Desk Premier and Active Directory.


  • Purge Log Older than (In Days)?sets?the number of days to retain the escalation log. Older data is permanently deleted.


  • Message Active Duration (In Hrs)?sets?the default end date for Announcements if no end date is specified by the user.

Attachment tab

  • Attachment Location?sets the default storage location for all uploaded attachments.
  • Skip attachment with Extension?defines any attachment extensions which you wish to discard. This is a security feature to prevent malicious uploads.
  • Skip attachment if the size exceeds?is used to limit the size of attachments. Files bigger than this limit will be ignored.

Ticket tab

This screen allows the administrator to choose which fields are shown on Tickets. Audit data is recorded for the fields selected here.

  • Click the single arrow buttons to add or remove highlighted fields.
  • Use the double arrow buttons to move all fields at the same time.

Change Request tab

This screen allows the administrator to choose which fields are shown on Change Requests. This screen works in the same way as the Ticket tab (above).

Kbase Settings tab

Use this screen to set up your Knowledge Base.

  • Search Preference?is a series of checkboxes which define where searches will be performed. You can permit searches in the Keywords, Details and Comments fields, or untick the checkboxes to limit the search functions to one or two fields only.
  • Item Name?sets the heading for each Knowledge Base article. You may wish to change this to?Topic,?Subject?etc.
  • KB Article Prefix?sets a text prefix for each article reference number.
  • KB Article ID?displays the next reference number that will be assigned when a new article is added. This field can be edited.

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