Help Desk Software Professional Services

Help Desk Software ServicesOur team at Help-Desk-Software is made up of experts who are here to help you with all stages of your help desk software implementation. Whether you need technical assistance to install and/or configure Help Desk Premier, or you need something special done for your situation, we are here to help. Below is a list of services offered by our expert staff.

On-Site or Remote Installation

While Help Desk Premier is easy to install and use, our team can help speed up the process by carrying out the full installation and technical configuration for you. Typically, unless your needs are unique and extensive, this can be done remotely. Our skilled technicians can utilize web based remote management software to build your database, install the application(s) and configure IIS for you. With the assistance of our capable team, you?ll be up and running in no time. If you prefer on-site assistance (typically combined with our implementation and training services) that can also be arranged.

Implementation and Configuration Services

If you are new to help desk software or service desk software, you may need assistance to determine the best way to utilize Help Desk Premier. We can help you remotely or come on-site to help you find the best ways to put our help desk software to work for you. This service is completely customized to your needs. We can help you determine workflows that meet your needs, such as how to receive tickets and move them through the system to completion (including escalation, converting to knowledge base articles, etc) as well as help you set up the various configuration items required to effectively run a help desk (Priorities, Categories, Custom Fields, Custom Templates, etc).

Customizations / Special Projects

If your organization has special requirements for implementing a help desk solution, we can help. Our outstanding team of developers is available for special engagements, such as customizations to Help Desk Premier or ADSelfService, or writing a custom import for your existing data. Whatever your needs, we can put together a proposal based on your exact specifications.

Want to get the most out of Help Desk Premier as fast as possible? We offer remote or on-site training sessions for anywhere from a half day to multiple days. Best of all: When we are training you on your help desk or service desk solution, we won?t be training anyone else and covering topics that don?t apply to you. All of our training is custom tailored to your needs. So you get exactly what you want without having to learn about what you don?t need.

Interested in learning more about any of our Professional Services offerings? Contact us today!